About us

Sustainable hospitality

Sustainability is one of the single most important global issues facing the world. A clear understanding of the issues surrounding climate change, global warming, air and water pollution, ozone depletion, deforestation, the loss of biodiversity, and global poverty is essential for every player in the hospitality industry. As a team we are naturally inspired to implement and execute various Sustainable Hospitality initiatives

  • Socio - Cultural Conservation
         Tea Village trials and Grand Tee Off historical center for spreading awareness about the regions and the cultures to the guests
  • Environment Protection
         Anti Litter Bag for Anti Litter Munnar, Paper bag replacing plastics, UV+RO treated water instead of Packaged Drinking water in Plastic bottles
  • Community Development
         HandMade Soap, Farm To table, Souvenir shop, Social Welfare club by staff for the charitable cause of local community
  • Water Conservation
         Taps with aerators
  • Energy efficiency
         LED Bulb, LED TV, Day light usage

WELCOME TO Grand Plaza

Grand Plaza Munnar is a premium property from EVM Group, one of Kerala's leading business houses. EVM was Started in 1952 as a small entrepreneurial group by late Mr. E. V Mathai. The company had its humble beginnings with the Cultivation and Selling of Hill produce like Cardamom, Cashew and Lemon grass oil. Today EVM has come a long way and has become one of the most established network of diverse companies. The unwavering vision, tireless toil and altruistic leadership of Mr. E. V Mathai and his 6 sons has unanimously led EVM to a position of market leadership in all their spheres of involvement. With over six decades of business expertise EVM had dared to dream big and has come to dominate many business sectors keeping with the primacies to maintain a customer-focused, value-based business capable of rising up to new challenges.
With the backing of a satisfied group of employees and partners we have come to diversify into many different sectors

  • Cultivation, sale and export of hill produce such as cardamom, cashew and lemon grass oil.
  • Supply of natural rubber and rubber products to various groups in India including tyre manufacturers and rubber crumbing factories.
  • Ventured in to the entertainment industry by establishing over 20 movie houses in Kerala .
  • Act as the C&F agent for TATA tea and coffee and as the distributer of Reliance Petro Chemicals with a robust distribution network across kerala.
  • Promoting Tourism with finest Hotels and Resorts across all the major tourist areas in kerala.
  • Automobile Industry as the dealers for Volkswagen, Nissan, BMW, BMW Motorrad, Honda etc.

Mr. E. V Mathai passed away in 1999 but his vision and dreams are carried on by his sons. EVM Enterprises is lead by Dr. Xavier Mathew who joined the business after completing his Medical Degree from Rome. His son Thejus Xavier who is the Managing Director is the third generation is the family business.